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Stemming from a dream of literally leveling the playing field and affording all athletes the ultimate recipe for prolonged success, Joe opened Stadium Performance Strength and Conditioning Center. This is where character, culture, and faith come to flourish with the most dedicated athletes in the world. Welcome to the SP Life.
WARNING: Stadium Performance reserves the right to help you reach your dreams at any time. 
We're Looking For Athletes Who Want To...
If This sounds like You...
We Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One to reach your ultimate potential. BUT, If you are looking for double the intensity and faster results, our Small Group Training is the perfect option! 

Literally NO time to workout? Our Brand New GYM PASS gives you access to Stadium Performance for one low price! We have something for everyone!
" Four years ago I never would have imagined that I'd be this strong, this fast, and this conditioned. My friends didn't want to train this hard, but I did. Now I've reached my dream of playing Div I hockey. "
Why Stadium Performance Is Pretty Much...
Stadium Performance has proven that SP athletes are the Boston's most durable high school athletes. SP ensures you will remain healthy so college coaches always have an opportunity to see you perform. College coaches don't want to inherit your injuries. SP guarantees they won't.
What You Can Expect at SP:
  • Speed will increase within 2 weeks.
  • Body Fat % will decrease within 1 week. 
  • Muscle Mass will increase within 2 weeks.
  • ​Endurance will increase in as little as 7 days. 
*Availability is always limited*

"Best Decision EVER"

My dad had me try four different performance facilities before I joined SP. This was literally the most difficult workout I had ever done, but somehow I enjoyed it. Choosing SP over my friend's gym was the best decision ever.

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
SP has a strong reputation as Boston’s number ONE injury prevention training facility with hundreds of graduating athletes that continue on to play successful Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. 
The brand new SP Skills Lab is FREE to members and the general public for the remainder of JANUARY 2020. Thereafter, unlimited use is included with all SP memberships.
Gunnar and Caligiuri
Read This Before Going ANY further:
From Gunnar Peterson, Los Angeles Lakers Head Strength Coach and Celebrity Trainer
Beverly Hills, California.

"I’ve known Joe Cal professionally, and been friends with him for a number of years. In fact, I even have one of his quotes written on a window in my gym in Beverly Hills, which is neither here nor there, but should tell you that he has my buy in."

Joe is the BEST, period.
"Joe is a cutting edge strength coach. Period. He also has extensive experience training against sports related injuries, specifically ACL injuries, and that is why he stays far ahead of the strength and conditioning curve." 
Kingsley and Caligiuri
Joe has always been progressive...
From Chris Kingsley, Los Angeles Kings, USA Hockey
Los Angeles, California.

"When Joe was hired in LA, it was his New England Patriot pedigree and strong work-ethic that most appealed to us. Far before Joe opened Stadium Performance, he was pushing future Hall of Fame athletes to the next level. He has always been progressive with his injury prevention training and that is clearly what separates him from the rest."

Nardella and Caligiuri
This program can't be matched...
From Joe Nardella, Founder of the Faceoff Factory
Player for PLL Whipplesnakes & NLL Blackwolves.

"From what I've experienced at Stadium and seen others around me accomplish, it's clear there's traditional methodology, and then there's SP's methodology. Joe recognizes athlete weaknesses within minutes and creates a program that can't be matched."

Kadar and Caligiuri
Thought provoking and elite...
From Mike Kadar, New Jersey Devils
NHL Strength Coach - Pittsburgh, LA, & Detroit

"Throughout my career, I have continued to rely heavily on our professional conversations regarding strength training parameters - specifically speed development, return to play progressions, and current research. Joe's perspective on sports performance and rehabilitation is thought provoking and elite."

" In a sport where speed is everything, the days of lifting heavy are long gone. I've seen Joe's programming and I consider him the best in New England."

Here's How To Join Stadium Performance
Strength and Conditioning Center
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  • Call: 781-471-7077 to Schedule
  • Email:
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What SP Families have to say about Stadium Performance

SP is More Than a Gym...

Joe and Anne Marvan, Wellesley

"SP is more than just a gym, it is a family. A family that does more than lift while at SP, it’s a family that ensures the athletes achieve their best on and off the field. Our son Jonnie spent the summer at SP recovering from labrum surgery in February. Joe Cal and the staff did an amazing job getting him ready for football season. They coached him on all aspects…strength, conditioning, nutrition and recovery. Jonnie was never so well prepared as he was this season. I wholeheartedly believe Joe Cal treats them like they are his kids. I know he has his best interest at heart and Jonnie has so much respect for Joe and the SP Life, it has truly changed him!"

Confidence and Composure...

Mara Burnette and Tim Frechette, Weston

"As a family, we frequent Stadium Performance anywhere from 2-4 times a week, as our 4 children train with Joe and his staff. Joe has a tremendous sense of confidence and composure—and this is uniquely combined with his analytical abilities and intelligence, an incredible capacity for demanding work, a terrific sense of humor, and an ability to connect with many kinds of people. 

Stadium Performance has a diverse web of relationships and experience of community. This experience of community, friends, and family is not something that just happened to Joe by good fortune; SP possess this community because Joe has built it due to his own personality features and strengths. "
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