PERFORMANCE COACHES – Stadium Performance


Joe Caligiuri, Director of Sports Performance & Medicine

Stadium Performance functions on a philosophy of speed development that is achieved through high-tempo plyometric and single leg strength training. The methodology was created by founder Joe Caligiuri. After a decade as an Athletic Trainer, Rehabilitation Specialist, and Strength Coach at Boston College, the New England Patriots, Los Angeles Kings, Boston Breakers, and Boston Cannons, Joe trained and witnessed some of the best players in the world.

Through acute observation and assessment, Joe has identified hundreds of performance and anatomical metrics that prepares athletes to dominate their competition. It is his belief that athletes should not have to play at the professional level to receive elite strength training, enhanced speed development, and life-changing results.

Stemming from a dream of literally leveling the playing field and affording all athletes the ultimate recipe for prolonged success, Joe opened Stadium Performance Strength and Conditioning Center. Athletes seek Joe’s expertise with one primary objective in mind; to get faster. At SP, athletes train fast, play fast, and stay fast. This is the SPLife. The best way to reach Joe is by email at 

Erica Connors, Assistant Strength Coach

Joining Stadium Performance as an Assistant Strength Coach is South Berwick, ME native, Erica Connors. Erica utilizes her Exercise Science degree from Lasell College along with her four years of collegiate field hockey experience to build strong relationships with our male and female athletes alike. At Stadium Performance, Erica’s education complimented by her easy-going and kindhearted training instruction pairs extremely well with our middle school, young adolescent, and high school athletes. Erica can be contacted by calling 781-471-7077 or by email at 

Kevin Anderson, Assistant Strength Coach

Kevin is a Topsfield, MA native and was a four-year defensive back for the Stonehill Skyhawks. He currently ranks second all-time in Pass Break-ups (36) and Yards per Kickoff Return (25.4). He has completed Assistant Strength Coach positions at Mike Boyle’s Strength and Conditioning, The College of Holy Cross, and the University of Iowa. While employed at Iowa, Kevin’s responsibilities revolved strictly around the off-season strength and speed development of the Hawkeye’s football program. Kevin is proficient in Olympic style weight training, combine preparation, and football specific position drills.  Kevin is an SP asset that brings his collegiate strength training experiences to all Stadium Performance athletes. Kevin can be contacted at 781-471-7077 or by email at